Some wars never change. The Battle Of New Orleans serves as a prodigious metaphor of man’s conflicts. It offers parallels which transverse time and location. A renegade group of jackleg combatants takes on the most powerful war machine on the planet. David versus Goliath - Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader. The rules are suddenly changed, though, when someone invades another’s homeland. The lopsided victory served notice to the rest of the world; don’t mess with US. In fact, it was the last invasion of our homeland by a foreign power bent on ruling our territory. But every conflict has at least two sides and this film attempts to straddle the grey area of perception. Andrew Jackson, Napoleon, Jean Lafitte; they all play major roles in this historical romp. Join us.

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Walter Williams is a New Orleans native who, among his many credits, is the creator of Mr. Bill.